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Hatchery and Birds

The Hatchery

What started in a garage more than 25 years ago as a small cabinet incubator has become a state-of-the-art hatchery with an industry standard NatureForm hatchery system.  Several remodels and expansions over the years have further enabled Blue Hill Hatchery to experience substantial growth and to serve the increasing demand from satisfied customers.

   Blue Hill Hatchery includes the latest technology.

Blue Hill’s commitment to continued expansion and improvements has enabled them to continue producing the healthiest and strongest chicks in the market.  Blue Hill hatchery can now hatch 25,000 chicks per week.


Eggs and Chicks

Hatching season begins in late April and continues through August and only chicks that are preordered are hatched.  Orders are taken in August  of each year for the next season.  Discounts are given on large quantity orders and sexing is offered with straight runs with up to 90% rooster chicks.  Eggs are also available but generally early orders are suggested to guarantee availability.  Started chicks are also available as brooder barn space is available.  Blue Hill flocks are certified NPIP clean.

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